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How to Stop Debt Collection Harassments

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If your debt is due, you might notice that your phone is ringing quite frequently. These are the debt collectors who want you to pay your debts immediately. Although debt collectors speak in an authoritative tone, what they cannot do is harass you.

A lot of times, debt collectors use coercion, abusive language, and even resort to bullying in order to collect a debt. This might convince you to block their number to never receive their calls again. But, this harassment doesn't stop on calls; they can also harass you via emails, direct messages, or texts. This can annoy you really bad. But it does not mean that you are helpless.

Here are a few ways by which you can stop debt collector harassments:

Learn the part of your major right when dealing with debt collectors is to know your rights properly. The FDCPA has protected the consumers from being harassed by the debt collectors. Therefore, the debt collector has to abide by the law, and hence, they cannot use any abusive language or harassment. And if they do so, you have all the rights to file a complaint against them.

  • Due diligence is important.

Collectors who harass will not immediately give you their name or the agency's name. But, under the FDCPA, you have all the right to know whom you are talking to. Ask your debt collectors' name and the agency's name on every call that you attend. The debt collector will provide you with these details if he is from a legitimate agency.

  • Take charge when dealing with collectors.

When you get calls from harassing debt collectors, the first thing you must do is ask them details like their name and the agency address. Once that is done, you can ask for an official letter proving that the debt exists. And if it does, you can send a cease and desist letter to the debt collector and ask them to stop contacting you by any means.

  • Get a Free Consumer Rights lawyer.

Having a legal counsel to deal with debt collectors, harassment is great. Besides, it will not cost you anything to get the service of a consumer rights attorney. Moreover, you can sue your debt collector with the help of the debt collector harassment lawyer. You can also file a complaint with the respective Bureau to stop the harassment.

Taking these actions will certainly help you to get rid of the harassment that you face by debt collectors.

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