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    "Profile of a Debt Collector I catch a lot of criticism for the stance I take against debt collectors and the firms they work for, but I have to tell you that every day I come to work something happens that convinces me that I am doing the right thing. If there weren't so many crooked agencies breaking the law, there would be no need for me to stay on this soapbox...but there is."


    The very best consumer lawyers in America are available to assist you in dealing with illegal debt collectors!

    To file a complaint with the FTC, I would advise you to go directly to there website:



    Or the CFPB



    Is a Junk Debt Buyer - Junk Debt Collectors Harassing you?



    Bud Hibbs  - Stop Harassing Debt Collectors

    Bud Hibbs was the CFPB before the CFPB! ~ #TeamHibbs



    For 22 years, Bud Hibbs has worked to inform America of the ins and outs of the debt collection industry.


    He’s the “go-to guy” when talk shows like Phil Donahue, CNN, MSNBC, or Oprah need a subject for “sweeps week” that touches all of us.


    His website, www.budhibbs.com is the starting point for nearly 20,000 first time explorers daily.


    There they find the information about the debt collection industry and how best to deal with collectors. His mantra: “It’s not about whether you owe someone the money – it’s about the rule of law.” Lawful debt collection agencies have no gripes or complaints about Bud Hibbs.


    Nor he with them. The law-breaking Buffalo-style agencies hate him with a passion.


    Thoughts on Harassing Debt Collectors, CFPB, Junk Debt Buyer

    July 22, 2020 · Zombie Debt,Junk Debt Buyer,Garbage Debt,Bud Hibbs,Education
    Zombie debt, much like zombies, is tough to STOP! In walking dead terms, this type of debt is an old account that has "come back to haunt" the debtor when third-party debt buyers purchase the debt from another debt collection agency or debt buyer. Zombie debt has been previously settled out...
    July 6, 2020 · Bud Hibbs,Stop Debt Collectors,CFBP,Stop Harassing Call
    A lot of people in America get sued by collection agencies because they did not complete a payment or are in a lot of debt. What adds to this is that when the collection agency directly sues the debtors, in most cases it results in the victory of the collectors. Because normally, debtors do not...
    May 1, 2020 · Bud Hibbs,Stop Debt Collectors,CFBP,FDCPA,Coronavirus
    The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in unemployment for a lot of people. And it is evident that most of you may have trouble paying bills and have entered the defaulters' list. So, during such times, getting calls from debt collectors can be quite annoying. But if a debt...
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    The American credit system, guilty!: Until proven innocent

    The American credit system, guilty!: Until proven innocent

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    Stop it!: A consumer's guide to effectively stopping collection agency harassment

    Stop it!: A consumer's guide to effectively stopping collection agency harassment

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